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Galvanized foundation anchor bolts are used in the building, construction, and repair of wood and metal structures, such as building columns, posts, street lighting, traffic signals, highway signs, and porch and deck supports in concrete and footings.

If you're in need of Hot Dip Galvanized Anchor Bolts due to the changing of building codes and lumber specifications ... you've come to the right place!

We stock the LARGEST INVENTORY of HOT DIP GALVANIZED ANCHOR BOLTS to the A36 Low Carbon Steel Specification, hot dip galvanized to the ASTM A153 Specification.

The hot dip galvanizing process on our anchor bolts (1.25 ounces of zinc per square foot) EXCEEDS the recent recommendation to meet the G185 Coating Designation for sheets of metal (1.85 ounces of zinc per square foot for both sides of the sheet metal combined).


We have taken the possibility of any corrosion even one step further! We now offer our Anchor Bolt Bushing, which is a simple plastic sleeve, made from super strong polypropylene, designed to eliminate any possible galvanic reaction between 1/2" anchor bolts and treated wood.

The plastic sleeve slides over the foundation anchor bolt, eliminating the contact between the concrete anchor bolt and the treated wood, while the flanged top protects the nut and flat washer from touching the wood, as well.


With the exception of the minimum order requirement, this allows you to purchase only the amount that you'll need, although you can SAVE $$ when you purchase in FULL CARTON quantities, which are noted on each item.

With NEARLY 50 STOCK SIZES, starting at 1/2" diameter by 6" in length up to 1" diameter by 36" length, we are a leader in the industry.

Please note that our foundation bolts DO NOT come with nuts and washers, although we also provide HEX NUTS, FLAT WASHERS, DOCK WASHERS, and SQUARE WASHERS as requested. These items must be ordered separately.

We can also provide you with Wilson Anchor Bolt Sleeves when anchor bolt adjustment may be necessary.

We can also provide anchor bolts in A36 Plain Steel, High Strength Steel to ASTM F1554 Grades 55 and 105, Type 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, and/or with Custom-Dimensions on a "Special Order" basis.

For all questions and for volume order inquiries, and other special requirements, such as material or dimensions, simply email your requirements to us. We'll respond as quickly as possible.

Our pricing and quality is EXCELLENT.

We GUARANTEE our material. Our Return Policy allows for full credit for material only, assuming that it is returned in its original condition.

HOT DIP GALVANIZING is generally the most effective way to apply a sufficient thickness of zinc to threaded fasteners for the zinc to serve as a corrosion protectant in harsh environments. During the galvanizing process, steel reacts with molten zinc, forming layers of zinc-iron alloy layers which are metallurgically bonded to the steel surface. This hard barrier has a low corrosion rate and resists mechanical damage. Bolts and nuts 3/8 inch diameter and smaller shall have a zinc coating with an average thickness of .0017 inch with no individual bolt having a coating of less than .0014 inch. Bolts and nuts over 3/8 inch diameter, and all sizes of washers shall have a zinc coating with an average thickness of .0021 inch, with no individual bolt having a coating of less than .0017 inch.

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